Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions that you might have regarding GoodRishta:

I have never created an online matrimonial profile before, is it really safe and private to use?

Yes, absolutely! GoodRishta has been crafted with love for people specifically like you in mind. No marriage and matrimony website in the world has been ever designed with such control for user in mind. You can completely control your profile info visibility. You can even make your name private (your first name would be visible where as only the first character of your last name would be visible). This is what makes GoodRishta absolutely safe to use w.r.t privacy and makes it stand out from other Pakistani matrimonial sites.

What is the difference between deactivating a profile and deleting a profile?

You can always temporarily deactivate and then reactivate your profile at any moment by visiting your account page here. Deactivating a profile removes it from public view (your profile URL becomes invalid) but your data remains saved on our website. Deactivated profiles also don't appear in matches or search results. Deleting a profile however permanently removes your data from our website and the process is irreversible.

Is online matchmaking safe?

The risks involved in online matchmaking (in Pakistan or in general) are as same as in offline matchmaking. We don't validate a user profile's info in any way. A user can put any info in their profile just like a person in real world can make any claim. Therefore, it is your personal responsibility to make sure and cross verify that whatever a person is claiming is actually true or not. We highly recommend to ask for CNIC pictures or other relevant documents before visiting anyone physically that you come across here on GoodRishta.

Will all my profile/information be public?

No, absolutely not, you can control the visibility of each and every field of your profile. We repeat, the visibility of EACH AND EVERY FIELD in a user's profile is controllable.

What features do premium users get?

Premium users get their profiles featured in different listing pages of GoodRishta (like search results, matches, suggestions etc), ability to send unlimited messages, additional search options, priortized support, etc. You can find about all the features of premium upgrade here.

How can I upgrade to a premium user?

First of all, we recommend you to complete your profile here and also enter your basic requirements here. Then, you can upgrade your account by making a payment here and contacting us here with the payment details. And, yes we accept multiple payment options.

Are all the profiles on GoodRishta authentic?

It is not possible for us to check the authenticity of any profile, but we do allow users to report other profiles (that look suspicious) and we do then ask the reported user (when substantial number of reports are received) to provide us their National Identity Card to verify the basic details (or face profile deletion).

Someone else has put up an unauthorized profile for me, how can I get it removed?

Contact us here and we will remove it quickly after verification of your identity.

Should I enter the data in my profile that I want to be private?

Yes, we strongly recommend you to enter all the data in your profile details even if you want to make some data private. Even though the private data doesn't appear in your profile but it will be considered in "Match" and "Search" algorithms.

Why should I completely fill my profile details and requirements?

We recommend you to fill all the fields in your profile so that you can increase your chances of getting found by a perfect match. The more data you provide, the better the matchmaking gets. 100% complete profiles have far better chances of getting contacted or finding a match than a profile that is less than 100% complete. We also automatically upgrade all users that have filled profile details and requirements to premium free of cost after 6 months to increase your chances of finding a match.

What happens when I find a good match? How should I proceed? What security recommendations do you have?

You should either show interest in that profile (and that user would contact you back if its also interested) or you can message that user directly. We recommend you not to visit any family/person you find online without first contacting them on phone and doing some very basic investigation about the authenticity of their profile data. Don't hesitate in asking for their CNIC image or their visiting card. Remember, we bear no responsibility for any profile found on GoodRishta and we can only ban a profile permanently once it gets reported to us.

Will you charge me anything for contacting other users on GoodRishta?

No, absolutely not! GoodRishta is 100% free to register and use unlike other Pakistani matchmaking websites that do not allow users to contact each other without a paid upgrade. You can view all the public information in a member's profile including phone number (if its made public by the user). You can also message any user (provided they haven't blocked you).

What happens when I get married? What will happen to my profile?

You can deactivate your profile anytime. You can also contact us if you want your story to get featured on GoodRishta!

Can I create a profile for someone else?

Yes, you can but with their prompt permission otherwise we will permanently ban that profile as soon as we get a complain.

How do you make money if you offer free membership with a lot of features that no other marriage site offers for free?

We earn via online advertisement and also via users that upgrade to premium.

Is GoodRishta only useful for Pakistanis or Muslims?

Although we are mainly targeting Pakistanis, overseas Pakistanis, and Muslims but an individual from any part of the world and belonging to any religion can use GoodRishta to full effect. The site is not specifically restricted in any way to Muslims or Pakistanis only.

I run/own a marriage bureau in Pakistan, how can I upload my clients profiles in bulk?

Yes, you can. Contact us here for further details.

Should I make my phone number public on my profile?

For our female users, we highly recommend not to make your cell phone number public to avoid any inconvenience. However, we do recommend our male users to make their cell numbers public if they wish so.

Can I use GoodRishta as a dating site?

No, we are not a dating site and this is why we don't allow users to rate each other's profile.

What sort of profile pictures are allowed?

We encourage you to upload a decent and the most recent image of yourself that should focus your face. We only allow a single profile picture, therefore please use a nice and professional picture. Please don't upload huge images, try uploading smaller images.

I don't want to upload my real profile picture, can I use some dummy or art profile picture?

No, we only allow real profile pictures. All art/junk profile pictures will get deleted upon review. If you don't want to upload a profile picture then please leave it empty.

Can I upload a group photo?

No, please avoid it as it would create confusion for other users. How will they know whose the real you in the pic?

I have some suggestions in mind, how can I share them with you?

Thanks for that. Feel free to ping us here with your valuable suggestion.

A person has committed a fraud/crime with someone using his profile on GoodRishta, how can I report it you?

You can contact us here with complete details and proof. We will ban that profile permanently and can help any law agency however feasible.

How does your referral program work?

Refer GoodRishta to your family and friends using your referral link from here and get 1 month free premium upgrade for each and every referral (you will be awarded premium upgrade for 1 month automatically as soon as your referral logins into their account).

Where are you located?

GoodRishta is an online web app and therefore the physical office address is irrelevant. Our company is however based in Defence Residency, DHA-II Islamabad, Pakistan.