How it Works

Here's how you can use GoodRishta to find your perfect rishta in no time:

register on GoodRishta

Step 1: Register a Free Account

Register a free account on GoodRishta here using either email or Facebook Connect. Free membership allows you to show interest, search, message and view other member profiles without any restrictions.

your details page on GoodRishta

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Save your details here on My Details page. The more information you share with us the better will be your chance of finding a perfect match. Remember you can control the visibility of all these fields in the next step mentioned below.

privacy settings on GoodRishta

Step 3: Select Your Privacy Settings

You can control the visibility of each and every field in your profile page here.

requirement settings on GoodRishta

Step 4: Tell Us About Your Requirements

After saving your privacy settings, its time now for you to tell us what are you looking for here in the requirements page.

your recommended matches on GoodRishta

Step 5: Checkout Your Matches

As soon as you will save your requirements, we will populate matches for you based on your saved requirements here on the matches page. You can view all your matches and either show interest in them or message them. If they are also interested in you then they will contact you back. You can view all the user profiles in which you showed interest here on My Interests page and all your messages here on My Conversations page.

who showed interest on GoodRishta

Step 6: Checkout Who Showed Interest in You And Visited Your Profile

You can view all the users who visited your profile here on My Profile Visitors page and all the users that showed interest in your profile here on Users Interested in Me page. Again, you are free to contact these users.

block or report user on GoodRishta

Step 7: Block or Report Any Troubling User

We provide you both the abilities of blocking and reporting users. Blocked users won't be able to view your profile anymore and you can view all your blocked users here on Blocked Users page. Reported users will be screened by our staff and if a sufficient number of reports are received, we will either manually verify the profile and will block it permanently.

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Step 8: Refer Other Users to Win 1 Month Free Premium

We award 1 free month of premium upgrade for each of your referral. Use your referral link and ask your family and friends to register their account with your referral url. As soon as your referral will login, we will award you 1 free premium month immediately and you will be able to use all the powerful premium features.